Most people do not need the services of a structural engineering professional very often. Usually, homeowners call us when they notice serious problems with their houses. These problems may include obvious unevenness in floors, large cracks in walls, and chronically inoperable doors and window sashes. Sometimes houses are damaged by vehicles, storms or lack of proper maintenance.

Properly engineered construction for renovation or repair of existing buildings is NEVER inexpensive. But then again, neither is fixing bad construction.

What a Structural Engineer Does:

  • Makes site visits and reviews existing building conditions
  • Investigates structural detoriateion, decay or distress in existing building framing
  • Investigates structural issues raised in home inspection reports
  • Computes loads and stresses in building components
  • Designs new structural components to conform to building code requirements
  • Prepares plans and specifications for construction or repairs of structures
  • Prepares WRITTEN reports, evaluations, recommendations and professional opinions
  • Affixes a registration stamp to drawings, sketches and official dociments prepared by this firm ONLY
  • Makes periodic observations of construction progress to assure conformance to our engineering designs
  • Reports unsafe conditions to public safety officials

What Our Firm Does Not Do:

  • WE DON’T approve or “sign off” on new construction not designed by this firm
  • WE DON’T “overrule” the building inspector
  • WE DON’T appear at public hearings on behalf of clients
  • WE DON’T provide expert testimony in litigation
  • WE DON’T prepare architectural plans
  • WE DON’T research zoning ordinances
  • WE DON’T affix a registration stamp to drawings prepared by others
  • WE DON’T make unlimited or open-ended representations about any building’s “soundness”
  • WE DON’T offer any “verbal” professional opinions or advice
  • WE DON’T have any influence with state or local officials
  • WE DON’T change our design because the contractor “always does it a different way”